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Idea: Clothing recommendations based on the weather

Inspiration: There are times when people do not wear the right clothes for the weather and they are uncomfortable during the day.
Ever found yourself in trouble by an unexpected shower?
Ever couldn’t decide how to wear, when the weather changes haphazardly during a day?
Ever been shaken because it felt a lot colder than the forecast temperature due to the wind chill?

Hypothesis: It is more satisfying for the app to recommend clothing suggestions rather than for you to decide based on the weather.

NYC Media Lab’s Annual Summit 2015 (An Any Weather app and website at the NYC Media Lab Demo Show on September 25th at NYU)

PROCESS (March ~ May, 2015)

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” -Sir Randolph Fiennes

1st prototype
The first idea was making a mobile app that suggests outfits depending on the weather with user's own clothes.


↳ Offline Survey Sheet, See the Online Survey Form

Result (Total 102 responses):
Found correlation between the weather and people’s clothing choice & my potential users who had an interest in this app
• Checking the weather everyday is part of people’s daily routine.
• They monitor the weather using their mobile app to decide to what to wear depending on the weather.
• They need suggestions on what to wear when they don’t know what to wear.

User Persona

1. Competitive Apps Analysis
Problem: Too complicated and more work is needed for users
2. Competitive Web Analysis
Website - What to Wear: Daily weather forecast & quick clothing recommendations. It has different approach than the others, which means if users subscribe to it, the information comes to them.
Checking the email and text is part of people’s routine, and I thought it could be better way to convey this information.

Result: Mobile apps are wrong answer. Apple Watch fits conceptually with my idea of glance-able design.
Checking watching one’s watch is a common daily routine, and Apple Watch is similar in their email and text delivery.

Iteration, User Testing & Feedback
For better user testing, I made a swippable interface using JavaScript. (There were no prototype tools for Apple Watch since it hadn't come out yet.)

Prototype 1, 2

      ⇄       InVision
Users select which glances to display.

• Need to Interpret weather into a clothing recommendation
• Need to simplify the preference on the iPhone & interface (Don't let users explore information on a small display.)
• Have to choose one interface navigation style (Can’t combine two styles: hierarchical & page-based navigation style)

Prototype 3 (Design Variation)

      ⇄       InVision

- Simple settings on the iPhone.
- Page-based gesture by swiping horizontally.
- I combined the weather icon with the figure wearing clothes for a glance-able design.

• It's a very differentiated design.
• Showing entire outfit is more understandable.

Brand Identity

Final Prototype

Users can easily guess what the outside temperature will feel like and what clothing items they would need.


Many people haven't used the Apple Watch yet, so they can experience how this app works and check a 5-day weather forecast with recommended outfits for the weather on this website.

Future Iteration
I have been consistently questioning whether I really can test my assumption and hypothesis for this project. When I was working on this project, it was hard to design and test it since the Apple Watch hadn’t come out.
If I have this opportunity, to measure user’s satisfaction I will make a subscribe form on the website and send information with my design, and get feedback from users.
A second issue with this app is that I have received feedback questioning whether the clothing recommendation is needed. Even if the app recommends non-specific clothes, it might still be complicated to see information on a small screen. The most important fundamental information from this app is weather. I need to take advantage of the platform of Apple Watch, which is on a wrist not in a pocket or a bag. Alerting of sudden weather conditions with vibrations and lights would be useful.
I want to keep working on this project, but as I have decided to work another project for my thesis, I will continue to work on this project later if I have the opportunity.

Technology: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, API, InVision

2015 @Parsons The New School for Design

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