La Pasta Famiglia

Branding, Packaging

The pasta brand, "La Pasta Famiglia", comes in a cylindrical package that uniquely depicts each family member of "La Pasta Famiglia (The Pasta Family)". Each family member represents a different type of pasta, illustrated as the family member's hair.

I created different character of each family members as variety of pasta types. I made fun stories on the back side so that it can give customers sufficent simple recipes in a humorous way and represent and strengthen each character. In addition, I didn't assign exact family members to give customers because when I did user testing each person had a different perspective and in order to imagine who they are.

Logo: It's a hand drawn logo for pasta products. It is meant to stir up playful emotions, and the round, plump tomato shape of the logo complements the pasta in a cute, humorous way.

Selected for CMYK Magazine’s Top 100 New Creatives 54 (2012)

2011 @Pratt Institute

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