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Syrup is a mobile stamp card service that allows users to conveniently manage their loyalty stamps from their favorite local coffee shops. The target audience is women in 20s to 30s. In Korea, there are numerous coffee shops and franchises, and the paper stamp cards that they provide to customers are substantially used. Customers barely manage all those paper cards in their wallet. Syrup can be used to replace the conventional paper punch cards. Through Syrup, users can effortlessly manage their paper stamp cards. And merchants can reduce paper cards and marketing costs.

How to use? Once customers’ smart phones pick up the sound waves, Syrup automatically receives stamps.
- Select a coupon card on the collected cards you have and press a "Issue" button.
- Place your smartphone above the Syrup Cup.
- An alert sound is an indicator that a stamp has successfully been received.

Ultrasound Module: Communication technology from a device to another device using ultrasound (high-frequency), Ultrasound (high-frequency): inaudible audio that is out of human audibility limits

Logo: Latte art and the ultrasonic technology shown in pouring coffee from above a coffee cup are symbolized with the letter "S".

2012 @Perples Inc. (Seoul, South Korea)
Collaborated with software engineers and launched in 2013

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