Tol Story

Rebranding, Packaging

Tol Story is composed of the words "Tol" (a Korean word for counting grains) and "Story" to make a brand with the nature, people, and environment we all dream of, a healthy and happy story one grain at a time, with domestically-produced environmentally-friendly grains to make natural cereal products.

I designed the logo to express the grain image of "tol", a word with no English meaning, through hand-written type to give an environmentally-friendly feeling, and designed the package with a white wood background for a bright and modern feeling to fit with a wooden bowl.

2013 @NEXTBRAND (Seoul, South Korea)
Art Director: Gehong Cho
Creative Director: Guillaume Chapuis
Designers: Jaeyoung Ha, Chanyoung Park, Jiyeon Kim

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