Winter Olympics


3 diagrams for the 2010 Winter Olympics

On the cover, the lines represent ski slopes and mountains. I used lines throughout the catalogue to symbolize different concepts.

1. The advantage of having mountains within each participating country.
Mountainous countries of the world dominated the outdoor games of the 2010 Winter Olympics, with the highest medal count. The availability of mountainous terrains is an advantage for countries, as their Olympians can practice in real and not just simulated settings.
2. The temperature advantage in the Olympics.
Countries with lower annual average temperatures, like Canada and Germany, won more medals at the Winter Olympics compared to higher temperature countries, like Africa.
3. The precipitation advantage.
The countries with the most average annual precipitation, excluding high temperature countries, performed better at the Winter Olympics, in terms of medal count.

So the conclusion can be made that countries in mountainous, low temperature, and high precipitation regions have the ideal conditions and surroundings to effectively practice the skills that lead to outperforming other Olympians in the 2010 Winter Olympic games.


2010 @Pratt Institute

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